Yasar Ozturk


Senior Partner and Founder 1973

YAŞAR ÖZTÜRK born in 1949 in Van, graduated from the Faculty of Law of Istanbul University in 1970 admitted in practice in 1973 following completion of his compulsory military service and founded Yaşar Öztürk Law Offices in Samsun. He held the position of general manager in one of Turkey’s leading transport companies and set up its international cargo transport operations in 1976. He has resigned after successfully putting the company in good standing and the operations well-running status and continued to work as a lawyer and managing partner in his law firm since then.

Member of Samsun Bar Association (1973), International Bar Association (1976), Committees

of Maritime and Transport Law, Insurance Law and Aeronautical Law, Council Member, representing Turkey in Asia-Pacific Lawyers Association (1987), Associate Member of American Bar Association (1996), Lawyer Pilots Bar Association (1997), Member of Foreign Affairs Committee in the Union of Turkish Bar Associations, Samsun Turkish American Association (Chairman 1988-2005), Black Sea Aviation Club (Chairman 1988-1997) , Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Lawyers Flying Club (UK) , EAA (USA), Turkish Airline Pilots Association (Chairman of Legal Committee), Aviation Insurance Association (USA).

Pope Jean-Paul II awarded him the medal of Cavaliero di San Silvestro (Knight) for his legal services given to the Italian Catholic Churches in Turkey in 1987.

His book Business and Commercial Laws of Saudi Arabia was published in Turkish in 1984. IBA published his speech on “Problems in Multimodal Transports to Iran/Iraq via Turkey” in Strasbourg conference (1989) of the International Bar Association. His articles on aviation law, transport law, and bankruptcy issues appeared in the newsletters of IBA in 2004,2005, and 2006. His new work, “Aircraft Leasing in Turkey,” was published in 2005. His several articles on Turkish Law were published in APLA Journal in 1988 and 1989 by Asia Pacific Lawyers Association and various articles on how to set up a company and how to do business in Russian Federation were published in Dünya Newspaper (a daily economical and commercial newspaper published in Turkey), various articles on aviation law were published in the Journal of Aviation College of Anatolian University, in Lloyd’s Aviation Law, Turkish Aviation and View from Cockpit, Sky Messenger magazines.

He is European Transport Law Journal’s correspondent for Turkey, and his articles on Turkish transport law appeared in this periodical. His new works on Turkish Civil Aviation Law and Aviation Insurance in the Turkish language are scheduled to be published in 2008. He has spoken on various issues of international arbitration at the conferences of Samsun Chamber of Commerce, Samsun Bar Association, and Samsun Arbitration Association.

He has been attending annual conferences of International Bar Association (since 1979) and Asia-Pacific Lawyers Association (since 1987) and participated in the seminars of Lloyds’ London Press on International Aviation Law and Insurance in 1995 and 1997, seminar of IBA in 1997 on Arbitration in Maritime and Transport Disputes, Gaining Access Conference of ABA’s Forum on Air and Space Law in Washington DC in 1998, Annual Air Finance Law Conference in Washington DC in 2001, Beaumont Garnault 6th International Aviation Conference in London in July 2002, European Air Law Association’s Conference in Stockholm in November 2002, International Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Conference of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce in Istanbul in April 2003, International Bar Association’s Conference

on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law in Rome in April 2003 and seminars on European Union organized by Turkish Democracy Foundation and European Union in Ankara in August 2003, McGill University’s Worldwide Conference on Current Challenges in International Aviation in Montreal in September 2004, IFALPA (International Federation of Airline Pilots Associations) Annual Conferences in 2004 in Sydney and in 2005 in Cape Town, Insurance Law Seminar organized by Union of Turkish Bar Association in Istanbul in November 2004,A Four Days Seminar on European Human Rights Convention and Court in 2004 in Samsun, Conference on European Union Law organized by Union of Turkish Bar Associations and EU in Istanbul in November 2004,American Bar Association’s Section on International Law Spring Meeting in New York in April 2006, IATA Legal Symposium in İstanbul in February 2007, IFALPA Legal Committee Meetings in Montreal in 2005.in Lisbon in 2006 and in Buenos Aires in 2007; Global Justice Forum in Rome in May 2007 and in New York in November 2007,Seminars on Alternative Dispute Resolution and International Commercial Arbitration organized by The British-Turkish Lawyers Association and The Law Society of England & Wales at The British Consulate-General in Istanbul between 18-19 March 2008, American Bar Association International Law Section’s Spring Meeting Conferences in New York between 01-05 April 2008, Disruptive Passenger Conference in Istanbul in 2009, Global Justice Forum in New York in October 2009,American Bar Association The Aviation and Space Law Committee meeting about Aviation Practice Law in Washington DC in October 2009, The Proposed EU Regulation On Air Accident Investigation; The Criminalisation of Air Accidents and The “Just Culture” Conference of Royal Aeronautical Society in London in April 2010, The International Conference on “Sales Contracts Under the New Turkish Code of Obligations and the CISG” of Istanbul Kemerburgaz University in April 2012.

He specializes in Aviation Law, Air Finance, Maritime and Transport Law, Commercial Law, Insurance Law, Contracts Law, International Private Law, Banking Law, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, Foreign Investment Law, Litigation and Arbitration. He acts as an expert before the courts in the areas of his practice.

He is a holder of Commercial Pilot’s License with a multi-engine rating.

He speaks Turkish, English and Italian languages.